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Tactical Shooting: Hezi Sheli, Founder of "ISRAELI TACTICAL ACADEMY"

Updated: Jan 27

From: - 11/22/2023

"If someone breaks into your house and let's say you call the police, it takes them 7-8 minutes to arrive at best. What are you doing in those minutes?"

My name is Chazi Shelli, originally from Be'er Sheva. I came to LA in 2007 to work at the consulate and the tourism office for two years, we promoted tourism from the west coast to Israel and during that time I met an amazing woman, we got married and I've been here ever since. In 1997-2000 I was a fighter in the Givat patrol, a course of one year and 8 months, we went through a complex course, then we did activities in Lebanon and Gaza. After the service I worked in the field of security in Europe and graduated with a bachelor's degree with honors at Ben Gurion University.

CCW, Rifle, Shotgun, Anti-terror, Home Defense, Pistol Courses, Israeli Tactical Shooting, Firearm training, handgun training
CCW, Rifle, Shotgun, Anti-terror, Home Defense, Pistol Courses, Israeli Tactical Shooting, Firearm training, handgun training

In light of the events of the 7th of October, I flew on the first flight I took to Israel to serve in the reserves with donations from the community and equipment for the soldiers, as part of which I had the privilege of instructing fighters in shooting and Krav Maga before they entered the war.

In 2010 I founded a fighting/self-defense company in Los Angeles, the name of the company is "ISRAELI MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY". At the same time, we opened the "ISRAELI TACTICAL ACADEMY". We have been dealing with self-defense for 13 years, using the 'your body is your weapon' method, combining fighting with weapons.

My slogan is "better to be prepared than to be sorry", the whole matter of preparedness is very important, here in America we have the right to self-defense and we should take advantage of it to the end. What it means? As long as there is a clean and oiled weapon in a safe at home, it is recommended to practice shooting at least once a month because you never know when someone will break into your home and when you will need to use a weapon. As Israelis/Jews, we do not have the option of not knowing how to defend ourselves and it is always important to have the knowledge of knowing how and what to do and to be prepared for any possibility. Your body is a weapon and you need to know how to use your body as a weapon and be alert. You must be skilled with weapons to protect your family and loved ones.

Most of the people who train with us are Israeli/American Jews, and this is our basis. The second circle is the lovers of Israel. The name of the company includes the name of the country so that those who do not support Israel will not come to us in the first place. We are also not interested in guiding and training those who do not support Israel and/or the Jews.

In the field of weapons, we have courses all year round, but after major terrorist incidents and especially after the recent riots that happened here several years ago, there was a frenzy about the gun shops here and it was difficult to get weapons and even ammunition, everyone wanted to train and there was a lot of pressure here. Now, after the attack on October 7th, it happened again and again everyone wanted and still wants to arm themselves and go to courses and practice self-defense, we have no option, as Jews, not to have a weapon at home for protection. These days, if someone breaks into your house and let's say you call the police, it takes them 7-8 minutes to arrive at best, so what do you do in those minutes? You need to know how to protect yourself and your family. Today, there are also fewer policemen on the streets and at night there are only 2-4 cars in each neighborhood so that if there are several attacks or break-ins in the area at the same time, the police will no longer come. The situation is not good at the moment. Our security is in our hands. There are a lot of Israelis and Jews who come in the last month to train in practical shooting.

"As far as the law is concerned, shooting a weapon is the last choice. Only if I have tried all options and had no other choice in order to protect and save yourself or your family from immediate danger, I can shoot but, if there is another option for the situation, it is much better to avoid shooting You need very high control and also confidence in yourself and the weapons you hold. There are ways to deal with civil lawsuits on the criminal side, there are laws regarding breaking into a house by strangers and shooting them.

For example, there could be a situation where a stranger broke into your home, pointed a weapon at you and you immediately responded by shooting and neutralizing him because you had no other option. You have no legal problem with it. The problem can come from the same ex-wife of the person you neutralized who can sue you for the same amount that her dead ex-husband paid her every month in alimony. She will actually demand this money from you. There is a company called "USCCA" that I work with, it is a type of insurance company and if God forbid such a case happened, they know how to deal with this issue, they have been dealing with it for many years. They answer 24/7, they take care of you for a lawyer, a bond in court if needed, they send you a team that helps you with cleaning the house after you shot a person and your whole house is dirty and really take care of all the legal and legal issues. It is not possible for me that someone will break into my house, I will shoot him, he will die from his wounds and then, I will lose the house because I lost a lawsuit. It just doesn't make sense so this company has its own ways of dealing with this situation in order to prevent it. It is important for me to emphasize that a lawsuit should not be an obstacle against self-defense. I think that first of all you have to protect yourself and your family and then everything else, but you also have to be smart.

"In Krav Maga, there are people who train with us two or three times a week, for over 10 years, and there are people who have just arrived and it's happening. Mostly, we train the body so that it becomes a weapon by itself, but we also do shooting courses. My goal from the weapons course is that after the course, the clients with me They won't need me anymore. I expect that when they leave the course, they will be able to pick up a weapon, step on it and shoot safely and accurately. Some people come once and understand how to shoot and there are repeat customers who want to practice regularly or, want to practice on different weapons. I have a client From Rodeo Drive, she is older and still travels once a month, about an hour's drive, to reach me because she understands the great importance of shooting training, especially at her age. She trains with me for one hour and returns home, another hour's drive. Our goal is to give the client the tools for defense self because in the end, in an emergency situation, I am not there with him and I cannot help him cope. My goal is to bring the trainees to complete independence with the weapon.

Our center is in Westlake-Village, with an office and Krav Maga Institute. We use a closed range in Simi Valley and an open range in Piro called "California Tactical Academy" where we have full access to all the ranges that exist there, working with them for many years in full cooperation with mutual respect.

"If you are a citizen who owns a gun and you are interested in a CCW license, which is a license to carry a concealed weapon on your person. You need to check with the sheriff in the county you live in, through whom you apply for this license. By the way, I certify people for CCW in Ventura County , works with the sheriff. The basic necessity for such a license is to be over 21 years old, without a criminal record and own a weapon, then they check whether you have addictions and your life background and then, you continue with the procedures of an interview, fingerprints and more. When you finish the procedure, you are committed to the course and after that you receive the license - a process of ten months to a year and a half, depending on the district in which you live.

tactical shooting, Tactical Firearms, Shooting Range, Firearm Safety. Marksmanship, Defensive Shooting, Close Quarters Combat
tactical shooting, Tactical Firearms, Shooting Range, Firearm Safety. Marksmanship, Defensive Shooting, Close Quarters Combat

"People come to us by word of mouth. We have a little help from social media, people who recommend us on all kinds of sites on the net and write very positive reviews. I personally do not do marketing at all. The main part of our efforts is training and helping people reach a very high level with weapons in a short time, with a very strong emphasis on safety. Once a quality business, it doesn't need to invest too much in marketing because people will already recommend and get the work for you.

"I worked closely with the young soldiers in Israel, it was not an easy experience as a father, because I know there is a high probability that some of them will be hurt, but my impression of the guys was that they are highly motivated and have a huge love for the State of Israel, I trust them a thousand percent. These are good soldiers and strong and we can be sure that our army will win this war. Knowing that I have a lot to contribute in the field of training, you can contact me and I will be happy to pass on my knowledge to the other Israelis and Jews in LA.

My email: . Phone number: 805-795-1803 Website:

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