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About Us

The Company

We offer the most authentic Israeli Defense Forces shooting experience in Los Angeles and Ventura County.

Specializing in real life defensive shooting scenarios, ITA will immediately advance the practical gun training of any student: from absolute beginners to experienced shooters.

Training with handguns, shotguns, or rifles, each ITA session is customized for optimum learning and efficiency of gun application and safety. You will experience first class tactical training and participate in tested anti-terror exercises.

Self-defense and firearm proficiency are important and practical skills. From basic pistol training to confident defensive firearm skill, ITA is a safe, professional and fun environment to advance your gun knowledge and shooting technique.

Taken as a one-time introductory course or as a series of progressive training, the gun appreciation and skill you develop with ITA will serve you for the rest of your life.

ITA programs accommodate civilians, law enforcement officers, government contractors, executives and individuals of dignitary status.

Firearm training, handgun training, Shooting live fire ammunition, self defense


A firearm expert and a Krav Maga (hand to hand combat) instructor with many years of practical shooting experience. Hezi holds instructor credentials from The National Rifle Association and certified as a CCW instructor by the Ventura County sheriff’s office.


He was born and raised in Israel where he served as a first sergeant in the IDF special forces, his training included anti-terror, S.W.A.T. reconnaissance, intelligence techniques, Krav Maga and more… afterwards Hezi went on to work internationally as a security professional, serving as an armed bodyguard for celebrities and high profile individuals and continues to train the top security teams of Hollywood’s A-list celebs. It is his real world life experiences which gives him the knowledge and the authority to teach about firearm self defense; what does work, what doesn’t and more importantly why? Hezi feels the most effective training is a blend of shooting techniques from home defense, anti terror and self-defense.


His mission is to make you proficient, accurate, safe and confident when handling a firearm.

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